A shrine to Cuban culture

Discover the delights of the place where famous personalities have dined

"Paladar San Cristóbal, a familiar and mystical atmosphere, a place full of memories, where we want people to feel at home and unique. By means of a good dinner, we want to show you our past and pay homage to the Cuban culture and our roots."

Carlos Cristóbal Márquez

Chef and owner

¿Who are We?

San Cristobal Paladar is the trendy restaurant in Havana. Founded in 2010 by its owner and main chef, Carlos Cristóbal Márquez, it has been visited by several of the most popular personalities on the planet.

Managed with the support of the family, San Cristóbal grows in the ground floor of an old mansion in Centro Habana. Our menu has become incredibly popular, as well as the splendid service of the team of professionals working here.

Currently, we have received numerous awards and international references for the quality of our Offer. Right now we are considered the 4thbest restaurant in the Caribbean region.

Besides, the British newspaper “The Guardian” included us in its list of “the 10 best Cuban paladares”, at the same time that we lead the list of the best Cuban paladeres in the website and Travel Guide, TripAdvisor.

Our Team

Those who make possible the dream of dining at San Cristóbal Paladar.

Carlos Cristóbal Márquez


Heriberto Ballester Rivero


Efraín Monzón Rodríguez


Reinier Mely Maldonado

Josne Justo Mohamed

Rolando Valdés Suarez

Lemay Díaz Sotolongo

Enrique Lahullier Valcarcel

Gustavo Pérez Guerrero

William Labaen Pompa