Paladar San Cristóbal, where time seems to stop.

Nothing stands in the way of those who visit San Cristobal Paladar, where not only awaits good food, but also an amiable, and simple host,, eager to turn your dinner into a wonderful experience, as well as his own kitchen.

San Cristobal is a magical place, full of life and Cuban spirit. It owes its name to a great coincidence: its owner and main chef was born in Havana the same day that the city remembers the saint San Cristobal, every November 16.

The religious figure of San Cristobal governs the fate of mysticism that we find in the Cuban capital, and why not, the goodfortune of Carlos and his paladar to win each of his friends.

The Paladar is the result of the wisdom and craftiness of Carlos Cristóbal Márquez, accumulated during his 33 years of contributing to the Cuban cuisine, and also of his journeys as chef to Italy, Spain, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico and the United States.

In 2010, he decides to put all this knowledge into his own business and turned his house, an old mansion in Centro Habana, into a restaurant that worships the traditions.

A space of haute cuisine, showing the world how Cuban culture has grown since the 30´s until today.

The familiar and creole atmosphere of San Cristobal has conquered more than one in a few years. So much, that Presidents of several countries like Chile, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Brazil, Honduras and Panama have tasted the delights of the house. This list even includes the head of the White House, Barack Obama.

And not just politicians succumbed to its romance, also supermodel Naomi Campbell, musicians like Jon Bon Jovi, Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin´s ex-vocalist, Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Beyoncé and the actress of "Alien," Sigourney Weaver.

Furthermore, other culture and sport personalities as the President of Real Madrid Football Club, Florentino Pérez, had also visited. The appropiate space for the usual intercourse of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Cuba, everyday the Paladar shows itself more irrisistible to its good-taste diners that profess their endless love for Cuba.